Fairmont Brine Gets $90M to Build New Wastewater Recycling Plant

Fairmont BrineFairmont Brine operates a small wastewater processing plant in Marion County, WV. Last year Antero Resources pulled the rug out from under Fairmont by jilting Fairmont and contracting with a French company to build a new $275 million wastewater treatment plant in WV (see Did Antero Pull the Rug Out from Under Fairmont Brine Processing?). But you can’t keep a good man, or a good company, down. Fairmont has taken it all in stride. In fact, the company is one of the few in the catbird seat during this current downturn in the oil and gas market. As we’ve described before, because drillers are drilling less, they are not recycling and reusing produced water (water that comes out of the hole from the depths for years after the well is drilled). What do drillers do with produced water they don’t want to use for fracking and drilling more wells? They either have to haul it to an injection well, or haul it to a facility like Fairmont’s for recycling. Fairmont has just secured a $90 million line of credit to build a new wastewater processing plant in southwest PA. Demand is strong…

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