Sec. of Interior Calls “Keep it in the Ground” Protesters “Naïve”

Sally Jewell
Sally Jewell

Sally Jewell, Obama’s Secretary for the Dept. of the Interior, has not endeared herself with anti-drilling zealots who inhabit (infest?) her own Democrat Party. Last week Jewell told a reporter that the “keep it [i.e. fossil fuels] in the ground” movement is “naïve” and there is NO WAY we will transition to 100% renewables any time soon. Oooo, harsh words! From an Obamadroid! One of the key issues, according to Jewell, is transportation. She said we don’t yet have solar-powered automobiles. And before someone embarrasses themselves to ask “What about electric cars?”…we’ll remind you that more than 70% of all electricity produced in the U.S. comes from burning fossil fuels. The electric in the battery of an electric car got there by burning coal and/or natural gas. If we “leave it in the ground” it won’t be long before you’re walking or riding horseback to get from point A to point B. You’d also have to give up television, radio and a host of other things powered by electricity. Unless you want to watch and listen when the sun is out. Here’s some tough words from Sec. Jewell for the crazies in her own party…

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