Dem Platform Calls for Prosecuting Free Speech on Global Warming

brainwashedchildren.jpgIf the Democrats ever gain control of the White House and Congress again, it will spell the end of our First Amendment free speech rights. That much is certain. How do we know? Radicals in charge of the Democrat Party platform have added a plank that specifically calls for prosecuting anyone who disagrees with the myth that mankind is causing the earth to heat up. Never mind the earth ISN’T ACTUALLY HEATING UP AND HASN’T BEEN FOR 20 YEARS! (see Inconvenient Global Warming Fact: Avg Temp Hasn’t Risen in 18 Yrs) Facts are things to be ignored in the hyper-political universe of lib Dems. Like Hitler and Stalin before them, they want to take away your right to express dissent–something sacred under our Constitution. Not only do these nutjobs want to prosecute people for free speech–forcing us to behave like programmed robots–they want to take us back to the Stone Ages by dumping all fossil fuel use by 2050. Need we say more? If you pull the lever for these people, you’ll get what you so richly deserve…

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