Enviro-Nazis Say Marcellus Pipelines Equal Global Warming

enviro naziA group of rabidly left “environmental” groups–including Oil Change International, Appalachian Voices, Bold Alliance, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Earthworks, Environmental Action, Sierra Club (national), 350.org, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, Protect Our Water/Heritage/Rights (Virginia & West Virginia), Sierra Club West Virginia Chapter, and Friends of Water (West Virginia)–recently published a piece of fiction titled, “A Bridge Too Far: How Appalachian Basin Gas Pipeline Expansion Will Undermine U.S. Climate Goals” (full copy below). As indicated by the title, these Nazi-like groups want to stop all new pipeline construction, repairs to existing pipelines, ANYTHING to do with a pipeline that flows natural gas or other fossil fuels. Why? They’re true believers that the earth is catastrophically heating up (it isn’t), and that mankind is causing it by burning fossil fuels (we aren’t). Their answer is to take the human race back to the Stone Ages when we burned cow dung and wood, apparently. One thing is for certain–you can’t even build windmills and solar panels without fossil fuels–so their so-called precious renewables aren’t an option. We wonder if they ever listen to themselves actually talk…

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