Former NY AG Emasculates Current AG, ExxonMobil Not Like Tobacco

Dennis Vacco – former NY AG

Let’s add some insult to injury, because New York’s corrupt Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, so richly deserves it. Today’s lead story on MDN is about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rejecting a petition by AG Schneiderman–his request that FERC withdraw its approval of the Constitution Pipeline and investigate Williams over false allegations of premature tree clearing related to the project (see FERC Rejects NY AG’s Anti-Constitution Pipeline Petition). Schneiderman is a power-mad leftist, hellbent on shaking down so-called Big Oil companies like Exxon Mobil. Schneiderman himself has been caught in a collusion scandal with several other AGs and with Big Green groups to try and smear and extort Exxon (see NY AG, Others Served Congressional Subpoena re Exxon Witch Hunt). One of Schneiderman’s favorite (false) claims is that Exxon Mobil “knew” that mankind is causing mythical global warming by burning fossil fuels–and that they kept it secret–like Big Tobacco companies knew their product was causing cancer. Schneiderman hopes to sue Exxon and other Big Oil companies and extort gazillions of dollars from them. The Dems are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect. Except…except none of their fairy tales are true and no one believes it. Into this mix, along has come a former New York Attorney General, Republican Dennis Vacco, who served as NY AG from 1995-1999. Vacco was part a group of AGs who successfully sued Big Tobacco, so he knows a thing or two about that case. Vacco says, writing in the Washington Post, that Schneiderman’s claims of a case against Exxon is NOTHING LIKE the case against Big Tobacco. Vacco emasculates Schneiderman and his claims of a case against Exxon…

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