NYU, Cambridge U Reject Calls to Divest from Fossil Fuel Stocks

NYUMDN has previously told you about the temper tantrum by radical environmentalists and the idiot kids they foment to try and get universities to divest from owning stock in fossil fuel companies. The very liberal Cornell University didn’t fall for it (see Cornell University Rejects Fossil Fuel Divestment Scam). But up the road, Syracuse University did fall for it, albeit they didn’t own all that much in the way of fossil fuel company stocks (see Syracuse U Divests from Fossil Fuels, NYU Says “Irresponsible”). Rich kids with no purpose in life other than to navel gaze and worry about the latest Taylor Swift video have found a new purpose: try to get the old farts in the board rooms at their school to divest from fossil fuel stocks. Not because it actually makes sense or would improve anything–but just to see if they can do it. Fortunately, 99% of colleges and universities have decided against divestment. The latest “we’re not divesting, you dopers” includes New York University and Cambridge University…

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