Time to Stop Antis Gaining “Intervenor” Status with FERC

FERC logoMDN first alerted you to a sleazy tactic used to slow down the pipeline approval process in October 2015 (see Delaware Riverkeeper Scams FERC in Review of PennEast Pipeline). In short, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has a process known as a motion to intervene. Individuals, towns and organizations with a vested, *legitimate* interest can file to “intervene” in a pipeline project application, which gives them special standing to receive updates from FERC and to ensure their views are fully considered by FERC. THE Delaware Riverkeeper and others began registering everyone–including their own children–as “intervenors” which essentially overloads FERC’s system and greatly slows down the permitting process (ses FERC Confirms “Intervenors” Slowing Down Pipeline Approvals). It is an abuse of the system, but then anti groups are no strangers to violating the rules, or laws. After Riverkeeper began to use this tactic it caught on with other anti groups (see Intervenor Contagion Catching on with Radical Green Groups in NE). It has become a serious issue. Finally, one company is fighting back. Rio Grande LNG recently filed a request with FERC asking the agency to reject many/most of the applications to intervene in approving their LNG project. Lawyers for Rio Grande say the intervenor applications are not filled out properly and missing important information–and that FERC should deny those requests. It’s about time! Other companies, including pipeline companies in the northeast, need to do the same thing. It’s time to fight fire with fire…

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