Delaware Riverkeeper Scams FERC in Review of PennEast Pipeline

scam alertTHE Delaware Riverkeeper is running a scam on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). By all accounts it is a legal scam–but a scam nonetheless. FERC has a process known as a¬†motion to intervene. Individuals, towns and organizations with a vested, legitimate interest can file to “intervene” in a project application–like the PennEast Pipeline. PennEast recently filed their application, so those people who may be affected can file to intervene–offer comments to FERC and remain updated by FERC–to ensure FERC hears and addresses the information and concerns of people with a vested, legitimate interest. Typically an intervenor might be a township where the pipeline is planned to run, or perhaps a farmer with a concern that a pipeline will destroy a good hay field. If you just want to mouth off about fossil fuels and fracking and evil pipelines–send a comment to FERC. They get mountains of them for every project. Here’s the scam: Riverkeeper recently ran “intervenor training” in an attempt to get as many people as possible to sign up as intervenors, including children, thereby overloading FERC’s ability to keep track of it all and respond to it all–slowing down the approval process for PennEast. As a fringe¬†benefit, the more intervenors who register, the more the media makes a big deal out of it. It’s all a scam. It’s a setup. And we expose it below…

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