Environmentalists Lose Their Minds, Strap Methane Backpacks on Cows

Source: INTA Informa
Bovine Borg – Source: INTA Informa

Have you ever read an article on The Onion? It’s a faux news site that runs stories that, at first blush, appear to be legitimate–but are in reality spoofs. Jokes. Made-up. That’s what we began to read a story sent along by intrepid MDN news hound Chris Acker, about researchers in Argentina strapping methane backpacks on cows and hooking up hoses to their digestive tracts (reminding us of the Borg in Star Trek) in order to capture global warming methane emissions from bovines. We thought, “This must be a joke, right?” But no! It’s not. It comes from Bloomberg–a legitimate mainstream news agency. Environmentalist wackos are so concerned that cow burps and farts will warm Mom Earth that they’re now driven to turn poor Bessie the cow into a Bovine Borg…

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