Science Advisory Board Gives EPA Cover to Change Fracking Report

science for saleThe one great, huge, towering problem that anti-drillers have is that there is no scientific evidence that supports their wild claims that fracking contaminates water–which is their favorite lie to spread. When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arrived at the same conclusion–that fracking doesn’t pollute water–after four years of studying it, that really took the wind out of the sails of rabid fossil fuel haters (see EPA Draft Report Says Fracking Doesn’t Pollute Groundwater Supplies). The EPA reviewed research from over 950 studies and even conducted nine of their own primary studies. Conclusion: fracking doesn’t pollute water supplies. What’s a good fossil fuel hater to do? Answer: Pressure the EPA to change the outcome of their study. True science means nothing to liberals–science is not objective for them, it’s political, a tool to be used. So the EPA set about to “fix” the “problem” by using a small committee of people, called the Science Advisory Board (SAB), to change the results of their original findings (see EPA Science Advisory Board Engaging in Fraud re Fracking Study). The fix was in from the beginning. The SAB’s appointed job was to cast doubt on the original report and the conclusions it made that fracking does not contaminate water–against four years and hundreds of studies of evidence that say otherwise. Yesterday the SAB filed its “final review” and depending on whom you read, the SAB either accomplished their objective by casting enough doubt on the original report that it should be thrown out (according to the crazies at Food & Water Watch), or the SAB upheld the findings of the original report (according to IPAA’s Energy in Depth). We think the SAB has done great damage to the reputations of its own members and to the objectivity of the scientific process by bowing to political pressure with a final review that appears to us (at least at first blush) to be highly critical of the original four-year study and its conclusions. The SAB’s final review gives radical EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy political cover to change the original report and its conclusions before she’s flushed out Washington with the rest of the Obama Administration later this year. It should be noted that four brave members of the SAB dissented from this politicization of science and said the original report and its conclusions are correct…

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