What if Government Banned All Fossil Fuels?

Xiuhtezcatl Marinez
Xiuhtezcatl Marinez

Ever hear of Xiuhtezcatl Martinez? No, we hadn’t either. He’s a 16-year old “hip-hop artist” (i.e. rapper) who is frankly about as stupid as they come. He’s a “cute” guy (androgynous) who wears his hair long and the teeny boppers all swoon over him. So that makes him an instant expert on the evils of fossil fuels–someone the Natural Resources Defense Council cites as an expert. This would be falling-down funny, if it weren’t so tragic. Martinez (or if you prefer, his unpronounceable first name, Xiuhtezcatl), is on a mission to dump the use of all fossil fuels within 10 years. Sounds like something Sandra Steingraber would say (actually, we’ve heard her mutter similar wacko statements). Let’s play a “what if?” game. What if the U.S. government, under a President Hillary Clinton, actually attempted to force our country (via illegal Executive Orders) to dump the use of all fossil fuels and change over to using so-called alternative forms of energy, like solar, wind, etc. What would happen? For one thing, you can kiss products like aspirin, toothpaste, sunglasses, shoes, tires, shag rugs, and tennis balls goodbye. And that’s just the beginning of what would happen if spoiled rotten children like Xiuhtezcatl get their way…

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