EIA: Horizontal Fracked Wells Superior Performers

EIAWe laugh every time we read about peak oil and peak natural gas theorists, and mainstream “reporters” from places like the New York Times trumpeting that any day now natural gas is going to peter out. It’s just a flash in the pan. “Everybody” knows that shale wells are weak, pathetic performers than run out of juice almost as fast as their drilled. We’ve read stories about how shale drilling is a ponzi scheme. We’ve read stories that very soon we’ll run out of new places to drill, and then it’s all over. Except…except it’s all not true. None other than the U.S. Energy Information Administration has just posted a brief article that details, using real research, that horizontally drilled shale wells are MORE productive over the long-term than conventional wells. That is, they are more productive for longer than a conventional well. But that won’t stop the peakers and ponzi schemers from pedaling their pap…

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