Global Warming Hoaxers Have a Cow over Trump Victory

trump-winsAs soon as Donald Trump secured victory in Tuesday’s presidential election, the hew and cry went up from radical environmentalists that his election spells the end of Mom Earth. Trump is rightly skeptical of claims that mankind is causing a catastrophic warming of the earth–namely because there’s no evidence to support it. No objective “average” temperature data that shows the earth warming up by burning fossil fuels, as is the claim. But global warmers, who have changed their name to climate changers, won’t listen to reason. Their belief in man-made global warming surpasses the fervency of belief by most people in a Supreme Being (i.e. God). Global warming is their religion, and no amount of discourse and debate will convince them otherwise. So when Trump, a “climate denier” as they call him, won–it was for them a disaster. Barack Hussein Obama has been the warmers’ best friend. But there’s a problem with the way Obama achieved his environmental agenda–he did it by fiat. By executive orders. By using executive branch agencies like the EPA and BLM and others to implement his wishes apart from having those wishes enacted in legislation. And what one president can do with executive orders, another can undo with executive orders. Obama’s entire environmental agenda is built on sand–a house of cards. And it’s about to gloriously come crashing down with President Trump. And that fact has warmers sweating…

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