Turning NatGas into Food – For Animals AND Humans!

flatulence“Please pass the salt for my methane cheeseburger!” This story is one of those stories that makes us literally laugh out loud. It’s the kind of story we love to share–to push in the face of fossil fuel haters. (Sent to us by our faithful story-sniffing assistant, Chris Acker. Thanks Chris!) A California-based company, Calysta, has pioneered a way to convert methane (i.e. natural gas) into “high protein” food–for animals. Calysta is partnering with food-giant Cargill to build a big plant to manufacture this “gassy” food that will be fed to animals–animals that humans eat, like pigs. Calysta also wants to (one day) manufacture food from methane that humans will eat! The technology is already there and done. It’s just a matter of getting approvals and winning the public over to the idea that they’re eating food that started life as a dinosaur…

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