Scientists Petrified of Methane Put Cows on Diets to Reduce Burps

Last year MDN told you about researchers in Argentina strapping methane backpacks on cows and hooking up hoses to their digestive tracts (reminding us of the Borg in Star Trek) in order to capture global warming methane emissions from bovines (see Environmentalists Lose Their Minds, Strap Methane Backpacks on Cows). No joke! Some “scientists” are petrified that a few extra molecules of methane (i.e. cow farts and burps) will slip into the atmosphere and cause old Mom Earth to toast. Yes, some adults actually believe this nonsense. Researchers just won’t leave it alone. We have a story about yet more researchers–this time in Mexico (build that wall!) who are experimenting with putting cows on a special diet to reduce the amount of burping they do. You see, as potent as cow farts are, some 90% of the methane a cow emits comes from burbs, not farts. Hey, you learned something new today on MDN!…

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