EPA Axes Obama Reg Requiring O&G Methane Emission Reporting

Last year the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Barack Hussein Obama once again far exceeded its constitutional limits by enacting a new methane regulation that requires oil and gas operators to install all sorts of expensive equipment in a vain attempt to sniff out so-called fugitive methane (see EPA Does it Again: Tries to Destroy O&G with New Methane Rule). The erroneous thinking goes like this: even a little bit of methane leaking into the atmosphere is far worse than just about all carbon dioxide create when it comes to global warming, so we have to stop it. And the way to stop it is by forcing oil and gas companies (drillers, pipeliners, etc.) to ensure not one stray CH4 molecule ever escapes into the atmosphere. The EPA totally ignores the FACT that burping and farting cows put far more methane into the atmosphere than the oil and gas industry. But we digress. Not long after the EPA tried this latest heavy-handed approach with the o&g industry, 15 states sued to stop it, including Scott Pruitt as Attorney General from Oklahoma (see 15 States File Lawsuits to Block EPA O&G Methane Rule). It must have given Scott, now EPA Administrator, enormous satisfaction to issue the order yesterday that withdraws the methane rule “immediately”…

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