Anti-Fracker Josh Fox Refuses to Give ISIS a Hug

It’s hard to overestimate the damage to the fossil fuel industry in general, and the natural gas industry in particular, from the propaganda film Gasland, created by Josh Fox. The movie is full of lies and misinformation, but it’s good entertainment and in a culture that disdains the use of logic and reason, someone else’s lies quickly become some unthinking people’s “truth.” Fox has repeatedly proven he’s a charlatan and liar. No one exposes his lies better than Phelim McAleer, a real filmmaker who made the counter-documentary FrackNation to dispel the lies in Gasland. Phelim has been a thorn in the side of Fox and Fox acolytes for years. Recently Fox embarrassed himself by claiming President Trump’s use of the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB), dropped on ISIS murderers in Afghanistan, was immoral and that we should instead love on ISIS. Yes, we know, truly insane. So Phelim decided he would raise enough money to send Fox to Afhanistan so Fox can “give ISIS a hug.” Phelim raised more than $3,000 for an all expenses paid round trip. But Fox refused to go. Why is that? Perhaps Fox doesn’t really believe the lies he pedals after all…

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