RINOsaurs Enlist Help from Big Oil to Push Insane Carbon Tax

A group of creaking, tottering old RINO (Republican in Name Only) dinosaurs (i.e. RINOsaurs) left the golf course long enough to lobby President Trump on the insane idea of a so-called “carbon tax” back in February (see RINOsaurs Lobby Trump to Enact Socialist “Carbon Tax”). Two of them were from the Ronald Reagan Administration–George Shultz and James Baker III, both former Secretaries of State. A carbon tax is nothing more than a way to slap a regressive tax on every citizen of the country–as if we aren’t already taxed enough. If you live in the great middle class of this country, you already pay close to 50% of your income in various federal, state, local, property, sales and other taxes. Add it up sometime, you’ll see we’re not exaggerating. A group of Republican “elder statesmen” (as fake news source CNN calls them) met with Team Trump at the White House to push this disastrous plan, calling it (be careful not to vomit), “conservative.” There’s nothing conservative about it. We thought perhaps that was the end of it, and the the RINOsaurs lumbered back to the golf course. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Somehow the old farts have now enlisted the help of some Big Oil companies, including Exxon Mobil and BP, to help push a carbon tax in the U.S. We have little doubt Trump will go for it (he’s not stupid, like establishment swamp dwellers around DC). However, we find it troubling that people in our industry are buying into the hype around man-made global warming, and see a tax as the potential fix…

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