Climate Lawsuit by Brainwashed Children Gets Court Date – Feb 2018

In August 2015, MDN told you about a lawsuit brought by a group of left coast radicalized children who want to force the federal government to become communist and “force action” on mythical climate change (see Group of Kids Sues U.S. Govt to Force Action on “Climate Change”). In January 2016 we brought you an update, telling you that radicalized, fringe Catholic groups had joined the cause with the ignorant children (see Climate Change Lawsuit by Radicalized Children Gets Interestin). In November 2016, a lefty judge cleared the lawsuit to move to trial. And in January 2017, the radicalized kiddies (actually, the laywers abusing them) got to depose the incoming Secretary of State and former ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson (see Radicalized Kids Suing Over Global Warming to Depose Tillerson). The Trump administration is not amused by the antics of these children and the adults manipulating them. In March, the Trump Administration filed a motion to overturn the November ruling that allows the lawsuit to go to trial (see Trump Spanks Radicalized Kids re “Climate Change” Lawsuit). However, the lefty/liberal judge didn’t back down. Last week, U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin ordered that the trial begin Feb. 5, 2018…

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