Lack of FERC Confirmations Now Critical – $25B & 75K Jobs at Risk

The lack of a quorum (enough voting members) for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is has gone beyond amusing and angering–it’s now critical. Early in the new Trump presidency we noted the curious behavior of liberal Democrats, who are also virulent anti-drillers, in their hammering of Trump over lack of nominating people to FERC (see Anti-Drilling Democrats Ask Pres. Trump to Fill Up FERC and Senate Democrats Send Letter to Trump Requesting New FERC Members). We said at the time it doesn’t make sense. If FERC is out of action and can’t approve new pipeline projects, that’s a good thing, for lib Dems who hate fossil fuels. So why would they want FERC back up and running? We finally figured it out. They simply wanted nominees so they could grandstand and try to stop the nominees they demanded in the first place from actually getting confirmed (see Now We Know: Lib Dems Wanted FERC Nominees for Grandstanding). After the nominees came through and were approved by the appropriate Senate Committee, Senate Democrat Minority Leader Chuck “the schmuck” Schumer pledged to hold up a final Senate vote. And since that time, he has. Energy company CEOs are now warning if FERC commissioners are not confirmed by the August break, it will jeopardize up to $25 billion in investments, and 75,000 jobs. The money is going to disappear, and along with it, many vitally important pipeline projects waiting for approval. It’s time to tell the Dems to allow the vote to proceed, or find a way around their sleazy blockade…

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