“Frack” No Longer a Naughty Word, Loses its Sex Appeal

For years anti-drillers have used the word “frack” and “fracking” as a pejorative, to try and smear the oil and gas industry. The word is shortened from “hydraulic fracturing” and meant to connote a “naughty” word of similar sound. The supremely untalented Julian Lennon (son of Beatle legend John Lennon) and his stepmom, Yoko Ono, went on Jimmy Fallon’s show a few years ago to sing a song called “Don’t Frack My Mother” (watch it below). That’s the mentality of anti-drillers. The word “frack” is short, sounds like something dirty, and is useful for protest signs, bumper stickers, and songs. Never mind that fracking is only one small part of the success in extracting shale oil and gas. The larger, arguably more important technological breakthrough is horizontal drilling. But it’s hard to shorten “horizontal drilling” into a bumper sticker slogan that sounds dirty. So back in 2013 we offered to enhance the fracking phrase (see MDN Proposes a New Phrase for Anti-Drillers to Use). We told antis they should shorten “horizontal drilling” to “horz,” and then they could coin the phrase, “fracking horz.” We thought it was kind of funny, but it never seemed to catch on. Sorry antis, but you’ve now waited too long. It seems that the power of using the term “frack” and “fracking” has now passed. Usage has become common and is no longer thought of as a naughty word like it once was. Antis have missed the boat, yet again…

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