Green Energy Device Generates Electric from Compressor Station Fans

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Green electric generation has just come to pipeline compressor stations across the fruited plain–potentially in the Marcellus/Utica. If you’ve ever visited a pipeline compressor station–used to pressurize pipelines to keep the gas flowing along–one thing you will immediately notice is a ginormous fan (or more than one fan if there are multiple compressors at the site). Those fans are there to help cool the machinery working to compress and flow the gas. Here’s a genius observation: fans move air. Now let us tell you about some real genius. What if you attached something to that moving air, say a small turbine, and that turbine powered an electric-generating motor–so you could produce electricity. Maybe even enough electricity to power the entire compressor station. Now that IS genius! CEGEN (Clean Energy Generation) conceptualized, built, tested and is now selling such a device. Their “generator in a box” device has a constant, 24/7/365 source of “wind” to power it. It is green energy meets fossil energy–and it’s a match made in heaven…

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