Teacher’s Unions to PA: We Want Drillers’ Money – for Us!

The lengths to which the leadership of the Democrat Party in Pennsylvania is willing to go to tax Marcellus Shale drillers is amazing. And alarming. As we have pointed out, repeatedly, PA does not have a revenue shortfall problem–it has a spending problem. Like an alcoholic you can’t reason with and convince to stop drinking, PA Dems are taxaholics–addicted to sticking their fingers in other people’s pockets to transfer money to voters who will keep them in office. That’s the sleazy, disgusting mess in Harrisburg going on right now. Republicans stupidly voted to pass a $32 billion state budget with only $30 billion of it covered by current revenue sources. So now the pressure is on to cover the “gap” between expected revenue and overspending. From the very beginning of Gov. Tom Wolf’s tenure as the most failed governor of PA in our lifetime, we pointed out Wolf’s desire and plan to pass a new tax on a single industry, the Marcellus industry, as nothing more than political payback for teacher’s unions. The unions supported and voted for Wolf, and he dearly wants to give them money via a new severance tax, as payback. The interesting/jaw-dropping thing is, the teacher’s unions admit it! They admit, openly via a recent op-ed article penned by Jerry Jordan, president of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, that a severance tax is needed for union members. Do Pennsylvanians not see this for what it is–theft and political graft? Jordan wants PA legislators to aim the gun of the government at the heads of drillers (and landowners), take their money, and hand it over to union members…

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