Would Antis Oppose Pipelines If They Flowed Beer Instead of Gas?

Installing Belgium’s beer pipeline

Antis have lots of excuses for why they don’t want pipelines built. Digging trenches will cause erosion. Drilling mud may get spilled into ecologically sensitive areas, like swamps (i.e. wetlands). Landowners are “forced” to accept easements on their property and can’t build things over top of where a pipeline runs. But mostly, it’s because of what’s inside the pipeline that antis get their knickers in a twist. They irrationally hate fossil fuels–and pipelines flow fossil fuels (natural gas, gas liquids, oil, etc.) through them. And that runs counter to the gospel of renewable energy. But what if you replaced natural gas with, oh, chocolate? Or what about replacing it with beer? Yeah, that’s the ticket! What if there were a pipeline flowing beer instead of natural gas. Would antis still oppose it? You no longer have wonder. There IS such a pipeline–in Belgium. Plenty of antis inhabit Belgium. When it came time to build a new bottling plant some two miles from the Half Moon brewery, there was a problem: How to get the beer to the bottling plant. So Half Moon built a pipeline–under the streets of Bruges, a World Heritage Site full of historical sites. Yep, right underneath–and not a single protest…

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