PA House Getting Ready to Cave on Severance Tax? Say it Ain’t So!

It’s funny how mainstream media–and liberal Democrats–can turn on a dime. It was just a few days ago we read an AP story endlessly regurgitated across PA about how the PA budget fight had turned “ugly” and “personal” (see Pennsylvania’s ugly budget fight gets personal and regional). The story began this way: “The feel-good bipartisan spirit that Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf tried to instill last year in Pennsylvania’s Capitol is gone, stomped to bits in an increasingly ugly budget stalemate. Now, the Capitol seems gripped by a feud that is perhaps less partisan than it is regional and personal.” And now, a few days later, everyone is all-of-a-sudden happy and feeling better. It’s all bipartisan butterflies and unicorns popping up in Harrisburg. Why the change? Because now there are whispers that House Republicans may cave on adopting a Marcellus-killing severance tax. That has the antis, and the Dems (often one and the same) all giddy and feelin’ good. Is there any truth to the rumors?…

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