Philly RINO Proposes High-Tax PA Budget, Incl. a 3% Severance Tax

We’ve written plenty about Philadelphia-area RINO (Republican In Name Only) State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo. In May DiGirolamo introduced yet another severance tax bill (see Tiresome: Philly RINO Rep Gene DiGirolamo Intros Severance Tax Again). Like a bad penny, Gene keeps turning up. Yesterday, without consulting Republican leadership (because, he said, they would have tried to talk him out of it), DiGirolamo introduced his own version of a plan to supply the missing funds to balance the state budget. Like all good Democrats, DiGirolamo’s plan is packed with tax increases, including (yes) a severance tax. Oh wait! He’s a Republican, not a Democrat. Or is he? In addition to slapping a 3% severance tax ON TOP OF the impact fee, DiGirolamo wants to raise the state income tax from 3.07% to 3.32%–a hefty 8.1% increase. Pennsylvanian’s won’t miss it, right? And besides, the teachers unions in Philly really want that money, bad…

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