PIOGA Corrects PA Rep. Kate Harper’s Whoppers on Severance Tax

Republicans hold majorities in both the Pennsylvania Senate and the Pennsylvania House. As is happening on the national level, the Republican Party in PA is also rife with establishment, left-leaning members who are not in their positions to benefit their constituents and all residents of the Keystone State, but are there to feather their own nests. Swamp dwellers. They are Republicans In Name Only (RINOs). One such RINO is PA Rep. Kate Harper, a “Republican” from Montgomery County–a Philadelphia suburb. Harper has been in the House since Jan. 2, 2001 (16 years, long past time she was voted out of office). Harper proposed an insane severance tax as part of this year’s budget deal. It’s not her first time at the trough. Harper has been proposing a severance tax for years (see PA RINO Rep. Kate Harper Trots Out Severance Tax, Again). Harper got her nose bent out of joint last week when her latest severance tax proposal, which she was just sure would make it this time, was removed from the budget bill during a committee vote. In responding to that removal, Harper made some inaccurate claims about the severance tax and the drilling industry. PIOGA (Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association) has stepped up to set the record straight on Ms. Harper’s whoppers…

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