Empire State Showdown: The NatGas Battle For New York

Marcellus Drilling News began in early 2009 after editor Jim Willis noticed an article in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin detailing how a group of farmers in Broome County (near where Jim lives) had become overnight millionaires after signing leases with XTO Energy–to allow shale drilling on and under their land. Jim was stumped. He had never heard of gas drilling in the Southern Tier of New York, nor had he heard of XTO Energy. The issue of shale drilling appeared to be an interesting issue, full of technology, politics and money. Sounds like the makings of a soap opera! And what a soap it has been since that time–at least in New York State. Jim has followed the ups and downs (mostly downs) of attempting to launch shale drilling in the Empire State. When Andrew Cuomo was first elected governor, it appeared that he would (eventually) allow fracking. Now? He won’t even allow the state’s environmental agency to approve major interstate pipelines–projects most residents were unaware of just a few short years ago. Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) ace reporter Jamison Cocklin recently wrote an in-depth series of articles focusing on New York and what’s happening with the gas industry in the state. It was/is an EXCELLENT series of articles. NGI has assembled the series, along with extra information, into a 16-page Special Report titled, “Empire State Showdown: The NatGas Battle for New York.” Below is a description of the report, with information about how you can download a copy…

New York has stymied natural gas development for years, beginning with a ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing and continuing attempts to shut the door to new pipeline infrastructure. Industry increasingly has taken notice, with a battle underway in the courts, political circles and public opinion.

NGI’s 16-page Special Report examines the evolution of New York’s stalled natural gas market and the impacts on producers, consumers and Northeast markets. As the state digs in against unconventional exploration and pipeline development, the situation is threatening infrastructure projects, not only at home, but also in surrounding states.

What’s at stake? Is there a way through the wall? Find out in the Empire State Showdown: The NatGas Battle for New York.

A Few of the Companies Referenced in this Report:

BTU Analytics | Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. | Constitution Pipeline Co. LLC | FERC
Marcellus Shale Coalition | Millennium Pipeline Co. LLC | National Fuel Gas Co.
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation | Northeast Gas Association
RBN Energy LLC | Seneca Resources Corp. | U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Williams Capital Group LP | Williams

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The report Includes:

* An in-depth examination of the friction among the natgas industry, state politicians & regulators

* The status of the Northern Access, Constitution and other pipeline projects that have been slowed by New York’s energy policies

* The legal & regulatory ramifications of New York’s policies for other shale gas-related infrastructure projects throughout the country

* The effects of one state’s natural gas blockade on New England

And Much More!

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“Now that New York has built a foundation for the renewable energy system of the future, the state must double down by investing in the fight against dirty fossil fuels and fracked gas from neighboring states.” — Governor Andrew Cuomo

“You have to pretty much pass through New York to get to New England, and that’s not going to happen.” — Matt Hoza, BTU Analytics

“If these kinds of projects don’t go forward, it impacts the midstream companies, the gatherer, the long-haul company and the producers.” — Justin Carlson, Managing Director, East Daley Capital

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