PA Sev Tax Dead in This Year’s Budget, Gov Wolf Trash Talks House

For some reason Tom Wolf has successfully cultivated a public persona of a genteel, non-partisan businessman–from the very beginning of his race for the governor’s chair even through today. We weren’t fooled, but many were. He’s proven to be just what we thought he was: a vicious partisan liberal, a spoiled rich kid who grew up to be a spoiled rich adult. Someone who throws a fit when he doesn’t get his own way. The severance tax is a perfect example. From his first day in office, Wolf lobbied hard for a severance tax. Such a tax was thought to be an easy way to pour billions of dollars into “education.” It was Wolf’s quid pro quo with Philadelphia teacher’s unions. They voted him into office, and he would repay them with big money–getting it from an “easy mark”–the Marcellus industry. Turns out the industry wasn’t such an easy mark after all. It has been a long, bloody fight, but the fight (for this year) is now over and Wolf has lost, third year in a row, to get a severance tax passed. His anger bubbled over last week and Wolf revealed his true character. When asked about the budget process, Wolf’s office issued this statement about House Republicans, attributed to Wolf: their opposition to a severance tax “has revealed the worst of Harrisburg.” In other words, Wolf just called House Republicans, his principled opponents, “the worst of Harrisburg.” His comment is the political equivalent of a five year-old stomping his feet and throwing himself on the floor when he doesn’t get his own way. Thank God for House Republicans who held the line against this insane severance tax, and shame on Senate Republicans who turned traitor. Hopefully they’ve learned a lesson from their courageous House colleagues about holding the line…

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