A Closer Look at Kalnin Ventures and Their Marcellus Investments

It’s time to look deeper into Kalnin Ventures, a Denver, CO-based investment firm that invests in U.S. upstream (mostly shale) deals. Sound familiar? Kalnin has been the “front man” for Banpu Pcl, Thailand’s largest coal producer. Over the past year and a half Kalnin/Banpu have snapped up some 55,000 acres and 355 shale wells–in the northeast Pennsylvania Marcellus (see our Kalnin/Banpu stories here). At least, we thought Kalnin was the “front man” for Banpu. It’s certainly Banpu money buying the leases and the wells, so we figured Kalnin was just an American subsidiary on paper for Banpu. But it turns out the truth is more nuanced. Kalnin is its own company. Yes, Banpu is the major benefactor providing the funds, but Kalnin is clearly in the driver’s seat with these Marcellus deals. Kalnin is not an operator. While news coverage may say Kalnin is “a top-20 gas producer,” as the Bloomberg article below says, that does not mean Kalnin is an operator. They’re investors. They’re owners. Other people do the actual drilling and management of the wells. In checking out the Kalnin website we found this description of the company: “Kalnin Ventures currently is backed by investors with equity fund commitments of USD 500 million, within its oil and gas fund BKV Oil and Gas Capital Partners, L.P. The company seeks to invest in attractive upstream oil and gas opportunities in North America (United States of America and Canada) with the goal of creating long-term sustainable value in the energy industry.” And right under that statement, this interesting statement: “Kalnin Ventures supports and upholds biblical principles as the foundations for the company’s values and underpins our company’s promise of integrity and transparency to our investors and partners.” Hats off to Kalnin for being upfront and unashamed of their God-honoring, faith-based principles. Not many companies have the guts to be so bold these days. Here’s an inside look at Kalnin Ventures, and how they continue to make money on Marcellus shale deals–even in a low-gas-price world…

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