DOJ Pledges to Vigorously Prosecute Pipeline Eco-terrorists

Members of Congress, indeed members of the public, are sick and tired of eco-terrorists targeting our pipeline infrastructure. In October we told you that 84 Members of Congress sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking the Dept. of Justice to step up its enforcement of existing laws against these sick terrorists (see 84 Members of Congress ask DOJ to Pursue Domestic Eco-Terrorists). Illegally shutting down a pipeline or damaging pipeline infrastructure, specifically petrochemical pipelines, puts lives at risk. Our nation needs hydrocarbons for transportation, electricity generation, to heat our homes, and to produce thousands of household products. Pipelines provide a safe and economical way to transport that energy. Eco-terrorists put all that in jeopardy. We’re happy to report that last Friday the AG Sessions and the DOJ responded to the good Congresspeople to say the Department will vigorously prosecute those who damage “critical energy infrastructure in violation of federal law.” Good! It’s about time. We’ve had enough of the inmates running the asylum. Back to law and order. Thank you Jeff Sessions and thank you Donald Trump…

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