Richmond County, VA Commits Fracking Suicide with Vote to Ban

Sadly, the “leaders” of Richmond County, VA have just voted to commit fracking suicide–a total ban on fracking in the county. They’re not the first. Last year King George County did the same thing, banning it in most of the county (see King George County, VA Commits Fracking Suicide with Vote to Ban). Augusta County was the first Virginia county to ban fracking throughout the entire county, which they did in February of this year. Richmond is the second to ban it countywide. No, there is no Marcellus Shale underlying the county, but there is the Taylorsville shale layer–and there is interest in drilling there, someday. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, F. Lee Sanders, said they are “just trying to set an example for other people.” Apparently the real motivation for the ban is not that there would be any actual drilling since only a sliver of Richmond contains Taylorsville shale. No, the real reason for the ban is worry over what other people think. Each year a group of radical leftists called American Rivers (Big Green group) puts together a sham list the call “America’s Most Endangered Rivers.” The Rappahannock River (in Richmond County) is on this year’s list in the #5 spot, because of the “threat fracking poses to clean drinking water.” The entire list is bogus–but the dolts in Richmond County fell for it anyway. They worry that lefties will say mean things about them if they allow fracking. So they banned it. And just like that, more citizens of this country have lost their hard-earned freedoms and property rights…

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