PJM Defends Plan to Favor Coal & Nukes, Driving Elec Rates Higher

Last week we told you about the hypocrisy of PJM Interconnection–the regional transmission organization (RTO) that operates the electric grid in all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia, including PA, OH and WV (see PJM Double Talk: Grid Operator Floats Plan to Favor Nukes & Coal). For nearly a year PJM has been saying the electric grid in our region is just fine using natural gas-fired electric plants. PJM said coal plants are shutting down, and nuclear plants are too expensive–don’t worry about it because gas has got our backs. And then last week they did a 180 degree about face and floated a plan that will “protect” coal and nuclear, which will result in electric customers paying 2-5% more for their electricity. MDN wasn’t the only outlet to notice the hypocrisy. Stung by criticism, PJM offered a defense of their so-called plan to protect (we’d call it favor) coal and nukes…

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