Get Tomorrow’s Marcellus/Utica NatGas Prices Today!

Anyone with even a passing interest in the natural gas market–either the Marcellus/Utica or elsewhere–knows there is one dominant factor that drives exploration and production: PRICE. The price of natural gas is the tail that wags the entire natgas dog. Low price? Less (or no) drilling, shut-in wells, less leasing–everything is less. High price? Pop the cork on the champagne bottle! When the price goes up and stays up, drillers begin seismic surveys, then leasing, then permits, then drilling. After drilling comes pipelines–both to the well and to market. And businesses tend to gather around points where there is access to natgas (and its byproducts). It’s a virtuous cycle, from upstream (drilling) to midstream (pipelines) to downstream (end users of the gas)–that all starts with price. Who should have an interest in price? Everybody! However, there are some whose jobs and livelihoods depend on price–gas traders, industrial buyers, drillers who need to sell their gas, etc. Those people need a daily update on the price. Who do they turn to? There are several price reporting authorities that monitor trade information for natural gas trading. There is no single price for natural gas–there are hundreds of prices. Gas is traded at trading hubs or points along major pipelines across the country. Each time a trade is done (price requested, price offered or “ask” and “bid”), that valuable information gets recorded and sent to a price recording authority. Each day around 1:30 PM Central Time, NGI gathers up trade information for THAT DAY, trades that have occurred so far at trading points all over the US and Canada, and posts/emails the information to subscribers. It is like getting tomorrow’s prices–the prices everyone else will base their trades on–today! How can you get tomorrow’s prices today? Glad you asked. Request a trial to NGI’s MidDay Price Alert here. Below we have a section of a recent edition showing prices in Appalachia (the Marcellus/Utica), and for the entire northeast…

Interested? Learn more about NGI’s MidDay Price Alert. This link also contains a regional selector and samples so you can truly get an idea how NGI delivers midday prices for its clients every day.

An except from a recent MidDay Price Alert:


MDN Note: Yes, NGI is an advertiser on MDN and this is a sponsored (i.e. paid for) post. However, we are 100% supporters of NGI and consider them the very best price reporting authority on the market, bar none. We are happy, and humbled, that they’ve chosen to advertise with MDN. If your job depends on prices, PLEASE click to fill out the form requesting a trial. We promise you will be delighted!

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