Illegal Shipment of LNG Coming to Boston has Huge CO2 Footprint

This story continues to grate on our nerves–the fact that mainstream media is covering up a MAJOR scandal. What scandal? The scandal of Russian LNG banned from the U.S. coming to the U.S. (to Boston) because it was offloaded in the UK and reloaded on a different ship, to “whitewash” the gas (see Confirmed: LNG Coming to Boston on Jan 22 is Illegal Russian Gas). To make matters worse, the gas, from the sanctioned Russian Yamal LNG facility in the Arctic, has a massive CO2 footprint relative to LNG produced elsewhere (for those like who care about such things, like mainstream liberal media). And yet mainstream liberal media (i.e. fake news) totally ignores the story. We’d go so far as to say they are covering it up. Not here on MDN! Nick Grealy, a Brit who contributes articles to our friends at Natural Gas Now, has written an article delving into the sordid details of Russian gas coming to Boston–and how mainstream media in the UK has totally ignored the story. Nick uncovers some great information that continues to make our blood boil…

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