Jodie Foster has Fracking on the Brain

Vapid Hollywood stars and starlettes are always amusing. They often display their total ignorance in very public ways. Thing is, they’re stupid and they don’t even know it. They fall prey to their own publicity, thinking that because millions of people know who they are and love them (for their acting abilities), that gives them above average intelligence. The latest Hollywood dumb dumb to make a fool of herself is Jodie Foster. In a recent interview, Foster trash-talked the current trend of big budget superhero movies. She calls them the cinematic equivalent of fracking. Foster doesn’t even know what fracking is, or that the clothes she wore while uttering such inanities are the result of fracking. Or that the plastic microphone she spoke into was created as a result of fracking. Or that the jets she flies on, the Hollywood mansion she lives in, etc. etc. are all a result of fracking. What a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance is Jodie Foster…

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