Ohio Democrat Candidate for Governor Says He’ll Ban Utica Drilling

Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Congressman Dennis Kucinich from Ohio, who is running for the nomination to be the Democrat candidate for governor in this fall’s election, has always been a crackpot. A nutjob. Flaky. Ranging out there on the far-left fringe. But he’s also never been taken too seriously. Folks like him. He’s amiable. Not, perhaps, as hardcore as some on the left. That is, until now. In a speech last Thursday in Columbus to unveil his first official policy statement as a candidate, Kucinich said if he’s nominated and wins the governor’s chair (fairly unlikely, but then, you never know), he will use his executive powers as governor to end drilling for natural gas and oil in the state. He also said he would direct the state police to look for out-of-state wastewater haulers transporting brine to Ohio’s injection well sites–and have the police turn them around and send them packing. As for all those Utica Shale landowners who signed leases, what about royalties they will never see and signing bonuses they will never pocket? Don’t worry, Dennis will “work to ensure that landowners who have leased land for drilling would receive a separation fee and all royalties they are due.” Kucinich’s first policy statement for his gubernatorial campaign is a far-out, really wacko (certifiably insane) anti-fracking manifesto (full copy below). Everyone is likely to discount his words as, “That’s just Dennis, you know how he talks. He doesn’t stand a chance of winning.” However, we encourage Buckeye State voters to take him seriously–take him at his word. And make sure he doesn’t win the nomination (or the governorship). His election to the governor’s chair would be an economic disaster for the state and for the Utica Shale industry…

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