Swamp Fights Back: NRDC Gears Up to File Multiple Lawsuits vs EPA

Big Green leftists HATED President Richard Nixon (frankly, they hate any/every Republican before and since). They hated Nixon even though he created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Did you know that Nixon created the EPA? And now the EPA’s first-ever Secretary, William Ruckelshaus (a card-carrying member of the swamp dweller’s club) is criticizing current EPA Sec. Scott Pruitt for returning the EPA to its roots–to clean up superfund sites and target polluters. Pruitt has pledged to roll back EPA’s cancerous expansion under Obama, with its wild attempt to regulate anything and everything under the excuse of trying to prevent man-made global warming. Why are we not surprised that a has-been like Ruckelshaus is criticizing Pruitt? Ruckelshaus isn’t the only swamp dweller who hates Pruitt (and yes, hate is the accurate word to use). The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one of the worst of the worst so-called environmental groups, recently said it is gearing up to launch dozens (!) of lawsuits against the EPA and Pruitt. NRDC is part of the Washington, D.C. swamp. It seems the swamp doesn’t like getting drained and is fighting back. That’s OK. President Trump loves a good fight. It’s about time somebody took the fight to unelected, Big Government-loving nongovernmental organizations like NRDC. Rather than taking something away, Trump and Pruitt are trying to return the EPA to its original mandate. Make no mistake. At it’s core this is a fight about fossil fuels. Big Green disastrously wants to kill the use of fossil fuels–NOW. Here’ a look at how the swamp is fighting back against Trump’s efforts to drain it…

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