US LNG Exports Report 2016 to 2017 – Where is Our Gas Going?

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy has just released an interesting report that shows the number and volume of LNG (liquefied natural gas) exports from Feb. 2016 (when U.S. LNG exports began) to Dec. 2017. It’s really quite fascinating. For example, which country do you think we have (so far) shipped more LNG to than any other country? Someplace in Europe? Maybe Japan or China? Nope. The #1 one trading partner that received our LNG for 2016-2017 was…Mexico! That’s right, Mexico. Even though we have all sorts of natural gas pipelines crossing the border into Mexico. Apparently those pipelines don’t connect with large parts of the country, so LNG tankers meet the need instead. Number two on the list of countries receiving our LNG exports: South Korea. Followed by China (#3), Japan (#4) and Chile (#5). The report also breaks down deliveries by other criteria. For example, even though Mexico was #1 on the list for our exports, if you break our exports down regionally, Asia/Pacific received most of our exports, while Latin America (including Mexico) was the #2 region. Or how about this: Free Trade Agreement (FTA) countries vs. non-FTA countries. Would it surprise you to learn that non-FTA countries got more of our exported LNG (52.7%) than FTA countries (43.3%)? The reason MDN readers should be interested in LNG exports is because exports are a huge future market for Marcellus/Utica gas. Be sure to spend some time with this important report…

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