Once Again Wolf Pushes DCED Sec. to Support Severance Tax

Dennis Davin – Sec. DCED

Secretary of the Pennsylvania Dept. of Community and Economic Development (DCED), Dennis Davin, is once again doing what he’s told, in order to keep his job. The DCED’s job is to promote new business to locate in PA, not drive it away. Davin is a bright guy. He knows that higher taxes drive businesses away. But he works for the most liberal governor in America (well, maybe second most, next to Andrew Cuomo). And when Wolf says “Jump!”, Davin has to ask, “How high?” That’s the only explanation we can think of for why Davin continues to support an insane severance tax on top of the existing impact tax–a double tax that would, along with the already-high corporate income tax in PA, force PA into the role of having the highest effective oil and gas taxes in the country. Davin wrote an editorial recently appearing in the leftist Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, supporting his boss’ insane plan for a severance tax. It’s not the first time Davin has had to stoop this low. He did the same thing last year (see PA DCED Sec. Promotes Wolf’s Marcellus-Killing Severance Tax). Poor Dennis…

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