Ithaca Power Plant Tries Once Again to Convert from Coal to Gas

In 2013 so-called environmentalists protested, agitated and lobbied to prevent an electrical generating power plant in Tompkins County, near Ithaca, NY, to switch from burning coal to burning natural gas–because they’re afraid it will mean more fracking (see NY Eco Group Protest to Stop Plant Converting from Coal to NatGas). The owner of the plant, Cayuga Operating Co., ended up selling it two years ago. The new owner, Riesling Power, tried to continue to get approval for converting the coal-fired plant to burn natural gas (not only cleaner, but also cheaper). Ultimately, the Cuomo-controlled Public Service Commission (PSC) turned down the request to convert. So the new owner kept operating it as a coal-fired plant–belching out far more pollution than a natgas plant would. Congratulations idiot fractivists (including obtuse Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, who wanted the plant closed). They screwed themselves and all of their neighbors too. But what’s this? Riesling Power has just filed another application to close the coal-fired plant, and reopen it as a gas-fired plant. But instead of using pipelines to feed the gas-fired plant, they will use compressed natural gas (CNG), trucked in. Which has set off the local crazies once again, spewing fossil fuel hatred and talking about “bomb trucks” visiting the area. Incredibly, the antis would rather keep a nasty coal-fired plant operating than switch to natural gas. Clinically insane…

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