Big Green Exposed: List of Liberal Foundations Donating $3.7B

From 2008 to 2016, liberal foundations forked over $3.7 billion (!) to rabid anti-fossil fuel groups. Much of that money went into suing fossil fuel companies (and the government), attempting to outlaw fracking and the extraction of oil, gas and coal. The money is given to groups like THE Delaware Riverkeeper, Food & Water Watch, the Sierra Club and other odious bottom feeders. The media would have you believe it’s David vs. Goliath–David being these innocent little green groups, Goliath is Big Oil. It’s actually the opposite. We are fighting against a well-organized, well-funded campaign to end the use of fossil fuels. And now, finally, we have a tool to identify who is behind all that money. A new website called Big Green, Inc. lists the donors AND recipients of that $3.7 billion, money aimed at so-called climate change issues. Who’s on the list? All of the groups we’ve already identified, and groups we’ve written about for years, including the William Penn Foundation, Park Foundation, Sea Change Foundation, California billionaire Tom Steyer’s foundation, Google billionaire Eric Schmidt’s foundation, and others…

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