XNG Virtual Pipe Facility in NH Hits Roadblock re Town Zoning

NG Advantage, a pioneer in “virtual pipeline” trucked CNG service, tried to build a compressor station/trucking hub in a Binghamton, NY suburb, but that effort failed earlier this year due to local opposition (see NG Advantage Virtual Pipeline Project Near Binghamton is Dead). Let’s be honest. Nobody wants an endless stream of trucks driving through their neighborhood, especially a populated neighborhood. That was the issue in Fenton (and neighboring Hillcrest) where NG planned to build their facility. A similar situation has sprouted up in New Hampshire. Different company, XNG (Xpress Natural Gas), but similar in that a local town, Chesterfield, NH, is opposing a plan by XNG to locate a truck terminal in the town. The town zoning board refused to grant a special exemption for the “short-term-parking” terminal. XNG sued in county court and the judge ordered the zoning board to rehear the matter. The board issued a second rejection and the matter is back in court, which you can read about below. The point of our post is to tackle the “not-in-my-back-yard” (NIMBY) issue. These types of CNG/trucking facilities are still relatively new. They are needed and no doubt more will get built. And, these types of facilities face increasing NIMBYism. It’s a real concern. The philosophy of no pipelines, and now a philosophy of no natural gas deliveries via truck, is a societal issue we must deal with. Eliminating natural gas in a geography spells loss of companies and loss of jobs. It also spells super-high prices for electricity. Somehow, for the good of society, we must negotiate through these issues. Can reasonable people reach a reasonable compromise? Are there any reasonable people left?…

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