Cuomo Driving the Final Nail in the Coffin of NY’s Oil & Gas Industry

Does the oil and gas industry in New York State even matter anymore? Well, yes, it does! It employs a number of people and produces oil and gas to feed our economy. Although Andrew Cuomo has single-handedly sentenced upstate residents to generational poverty by denying them the opportunity to allow shale drilling, there is a rich history of conventional drilling for oil and gas in the state. But now, even the conventional industry is under assault and attack by Cuomo and his lackeys at the Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC). How? The DEC has unveiled what IOGA of NY calls “devastating proposed air regulations”–regulations that will shut down many o&g operators in the Empire State. IOGA calls it a “regulatory assault.” We call New York State the Empire Crumbling State.

[UPDATE: MDN, in an attempt to draw attention to this issue, a very important issue, may have left the wrong impression with our headline. The conventional oil and gas industry in NY is far from dead, and IS worth fighting for! Which is the purpose of this post: To encourage those who care to fight. To make your voice heard in letting the DEC know their latest rules will harm an important industry/sector of NY, without actually improving the environment.]

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