Norfolk Antis Try to Discredit Competing Pipeline Safety Report

Ever notice how the antis apply a different set of rules and standards to those who support fossil fuels than they do to themselves? Here’s a great example. Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) wants to complete a decades-old project by building the final nine miles of the project from Norfolk, VA to Chesapeake, VA–called the Southside Connector Project. Those who oppose the project paid big bucks to “consultants” to write a report smearing the project as unsafe (see Norfolk Pipeline Foes Pay Former NTSB Execs to Bash Project). A couple of former NTSB executives sold themselves out for God knows how much money to attack the pipeline. The city itself hired some independent consultants to evaluate and study the proposed route. One of the consultants hired by the city previously did some work for VNG, and antis are jumping on that fact to try and discredit the findings of the independent report.

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