MDN Editor Jim Willis on The Crude Life Podcast – Listen Now!

MDN Editor Jim Willis had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Crude Life podcast last week. Jason Spiess, an award-winning multimedia journalist, hosts several radio shows in addition to the podcast. The podcast/radio shows focus mainly on the Bakken Shale (where Jason lives and works), but he also branches out to talk with those in other plays. This isn’t Jim’s first time appearing on The Crude Life (see MDN Editor Jim Willis Interviewed on “The Crude Life” Podcast). Last week Jim talked with Jason about the 1-2 punch of the supply shock and demand shock on the marketplace–from the coronavirus to Russia to Saudi Arabia to OPEC. The interview discusses whether pipelines are considered essential or not with states shutting down worksites and offices.

Jim also gives an update on the Marcellus Shale play and mentions a company called Crusoe Energy Systems and their flaring solution using computers and digital innovations to help find a cure for the coronavirus.

Jim, who has been working in a home office since 2006, also offers some tips and advice for those transitioning to the home office environment.

Give it a listen! The interview lasts just over 27 minutes. If you like it, we encourage you to listen to other Jason interviews by visiting his Crude Life website: