Yale Researchers Survey Best Way to Propagandize Against NatGas

“He who controls the language controls the masses.” (Saul Alinsky) What’s the best way to mass-brainwash and influence the public against something? Change the language about the issue. Saul Alinsky in his “Rules for Radicals” knew this. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and other prominent leftists are disciples of the socialist Alinsky. Researchers at the once-great Yale University are Alinskyites too. Yale researchers recently conducted a poll of people’s attitudes toward the words “methane” and “natural gas” and found folks are much more favorable to the latter, viewing methane far more negatively. Conclusion: Force society to call it “methane” so the left can once-and-for-all destroy the “clean” reputation of natural gas and (hopefully) end all use of it.

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