Will Gov. Paterson’s Political Troubles Delay Drilling in New York State Until 2011?

Bloomberg, a left-leaning (anti-drilling) news organization published a story about the seemingly eternal question of “When will drilling begin in New York?” with reasoning that goes like this:

(A) New York Gov. Paterson is more or less pro-drilling and wants to see it start soon.

(B) Gov. Paterson has run into political troubles, “probes” of his conduct are ongoing, so he’s decided not to run for re-election. He’s damaged goods.

(C) The Department of Environmental Conservation, fearing political turmoil and upheaval, and perhaps reprisals, will not go forward with drilling until after the election in November (at the earliest).

The Bloomberg article gives some background details about drilling in New York State for those who are new to the debate—all of it with an anti-drilling flavor. But some good background details nonetheless. May be worth a read if you’re so inclined:

Bloomberg (Mar 31) – Gas Drillers’ New York Hopes Fade on Paterson Woes

  • adg1984

    Knew this was coming the minute I heard the banksters of Wall Street were setting Paterson up,just like they did with Spitzer.The banksters control N.Y.politics and for that matter media,
    our duopoly party system etc:. The banksters will go “long” on Marcellus, and after they repo upstate properties they’ll open the drilling.Too
    bad we’re all chums for these pirates and their preditory game.Bloomberg is one of the ranking members of the cabal.