Joint Landowner’s Coalition of NY Makes Appeal to Landowners

The Joint Landowner’s Coalition of NY has put out a plea for donations. Drilling in New York may not happen unless landowners can generate enough noise to break through the resistance in Albany. Here is the letter reproduced in full from the JLCNY:

A Message from the JLCNY President Dan Fitzsimmons – April 27, 2010

Fellow Landowners – I don’t have to tell you we have much at stake.  But I do need to sound an alarm:  the time for us to act is NOW.  We are organized.  We are prepared.  And although we have worked intensely over the last two plus years, we are outmanned, outspent, outmaneuvered.  We need to step up our game, and we have a plan to get it done.  But we desperately need your financial support.  Some of you have given generously financially.  Some of you have poured blood, sweat and tears into this effort.  And some of you will make your first donation right now.  We need as much as you can afford to give to fund our efforts to:

  • Hire professionals in Albany who can represent us and make sure our voices are not drowned out by the better-funded extremists.  These professionals can open doors, cut through clutter and red-tape for us and focus us on the most effective strategy for being heard where it counts.

  • Get the word out:  you’ve heard the same arguments I hear:  more people are against drilling than are for it.  We know that’s not true – but we have to erase that perception.  The best way to do that is to blanket our area with lawn signs, drown our airwaves with pro-drilling ads, promote speakers at public forums who can support our issues with facts, erect billboards with clear messages, etc.

  • Continue to support landowners.  In some respect, the work begins when the moratorium is lifted and leases are signed.  Who will advocate for landowners in their negotiations and relations with energy companies?  Who will be a watchdog with the regulatory agencies?  Who will make sure we have the best and latest information on and about the industry and the technology surrounding us?  Landowners will need the JLC more and more as time goes by and as the stakes continue to rise. We cannot sustain it without your support.

We are seeking support from a number of channels:  from corporations and industry; from foundations and other organizations who may provide grants for our work; from local business and farm organizations.  But the most important support we need RIGHT NOW is from you.  Please give what you can today – $10, $20, $100, $500 or more.  See if your company has a matching donation program – or if you know of any other source you can approach for us – please do.  Use PAYPAL on our website: or send a check to:

PO Box 2839
Binghamton, NY 13902

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We will get there, but only if we stay together on this.

Dan Fitzsimmons
President JLCNY

  • terrie42342

    How do I get a “sign” to put out on my front lawn to STOP THE DRILLING ????

  • One wonders if they weren’t dangling dollars in front of your noses would you be so gung-ho on destroying New York state’s environment just so the gas industry can reap more profits without a care in the world on the pollution and havoc they create. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.Obviously some people will sell their souls for a dollar. You people should do some research online and see all of the damage being done from hydrofracking.Or are those dollar signs just too tempting? What a sorry bunch of fools in this society! Shame.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie you can now read my reply because you just stepped off your bicycle which powers your home generator. A generator that is also hooked up to the solar and wind farm in YOUR yard which produces the energy to heat and cool your home as well as the homes of your neighbors. OOOPSS my mistake I was just walking around the liberal fantasy land you and the anti frac people live in. Here is the reality, you walked into a room in your warm house and flipped on a light switch which turned on an incandescant bulb, powered up your CPU and typed your ill-informed rhetoric without a clue of how all that was possible. The power most likely came from a COAL power plant which is the dirtiest form of energy (America has the CLEANEST coal plants in the world unlike China or Russia), or it came from a Nuke plant which you think is the most dangerous way of getting energy, or an oil fed generator plant which came from a country whose people would love to fly a few more planes into our Iconic buildings. We now have the technology to gather CLEAN- SAFE- DEPENDABLE- HOME GROWN energy and you don’t want it. Well then tell us your solution. . . .

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  • You need donations? Perhaps you could sell bottled frack water as a fundraiser. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sure you’ll find plenty in PA! Asshole.