NY Congressman Michael Arcuri Talks Out Both Sides of His Mouth on Drilling in the Marcellus

Upstate New York Congressman Michael Arcuri says the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico means we should slow down (or perhaps not even start) drilling in the Marcellus Shale. Yes folks, we don’t make this stuff up! An oil drilling accident off-shore now equates with hydraulic fracturing of shale for natural gas. Go figure.

Mr. Arcuri’s press release below, taken verbatim from his website, is a classic example of a politician talking out of both sides of his mouth:

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Rep. Michael A. Arcuri (NY-24) issued the following statement renewing his call for a cautious approach to natural gas drilling in Upstate New York in light of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico:

“The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates how vital it is for us to proceed with the utmost caution when considering natural gas drilling in Upstate New York.  While I support measures to open up energy reserves here at home and create new job opportunities for Upstate families, I also believe that we must carefully examine the potential outcome that natural gas drilling may have on the health of surrounding homes and communities.  Natural gas is a tremendous natural resource with great economic potential, but we must move forward in a way that protects an even more precious natural resource – our abundant supply of clean drinking water.

“New York’s natural gas reserves are not declining in value as they wait to be developed, and methods become safer and more efficient as companies adapt techniques. But, as we have seen in the Gulf of Mexico, we cannot assume a spill will not happen or become careless in protecting the environment because one mistake could be devastating.

“With so many residents who live in rural areas relying completely on well water, we cannot afford to sacrifice the purity of our water by rushing to drill.

“It is my hope that this disaster serves as a reminder to us all just how high the stakes are and that we must take every precaution possible to ensure that a rush to drill the Marcellus Shale does not irreparably contaminate our water.”

*Press Release (May 4) – Arcuri Renews Call for Cautious Approach to Natural Gas Drilling in Upstate New York in Light of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill